Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adiós, April

Hello blog, its been awhile, hasn't it?

At the beginning of 2015, Eric and I toasted to having a year that would be so much less busy and stressful than 2014 - without a wedding and honeymoon to plan, we reasoned, life would be a breeze! We'd finally have time to do all the things we wanted to do, see all the people we wanted to see, and relax.
You need the right snacks to properly relax.

HA. While 2015 has generally been kind to us, the month of April was a pretty intense reminder that, uh, stuff happens. Here's a list of some of the things we experienced in one short (but very long-seeming) month:
  • Eric's beloved truck broke (like, for good)
  • At work, we turned in a humongous funding proposal and subsequently received some funding (!!!)
  • Also at work, we found out that the building our office has been in for the last 12 years was sold and we had to move out by the end of the month; in four weeks we found a new office space, packed, and moved, all well mostly keeping business operations running
  • We went to Colorado for 36 hours for Eric's parent's band's album release party and to celebrate Eric's grandparents' birthdays (which are only two days apart!); we also had brunch with my brother on the way down
  • We celebrated Zeezy's 4th birthday/having him as the best pet ever for two years
  • We found a new favorite cookie recipe
  • Eric started planting our garden (and I occasionally helped out with weeding) and has been very busy at his job with the gardens in the park and the volunteers he manages 
  • Also, back in March, I decided it would be fun to take a Spanish class through our local community college's continuing education program while at the same time working full-time and coaching with Girls on the Run once a week (in hindsight, that seems ambitious); all those time commitments continued on into April*
 So anyway, we have been BUSY, and stressed, and sometimes despaired and sometimes pretty dang content with life, but all the while longing for a few days where we could just be lazy and boring.

Yesterday, to celebrate the end of the wild month that was April, we went out for dinner, drinks, and a movie. It was nothing fancy; we went to a restaurant where we had a coupon, I ate a pulled pork sandwich at a remarkable speed, and we saw the new Avengers movie. I drank a margarita and wore a dress without tights for the first time this year. It was amazingly low-key and fun, and now we have a weekend with great weather and relatively few plans.

So, cheers to May, which we are optimistically (but cautiously) hoping will include a little more relaxation.

* MAJOR shout-out to Eric for letting me (and even encouraging me to) have kind of a hectic weekday schedule these last couple months. He's been making some amazing dinners and bringing bunches of lilacs home after work and overall being an awesome partner. Seems like that whole marriage thing was a good call! Here's a cute picture of him with Zeezy.