Monday, May 6, 2013

Tent Rocks, Wise Fools, and more!

Eric and I just had a GREAT weekend. Let me tell you about it.

The main reason that it was great is that we both had Saturday and Sunday off, so we got two whole days to adventure together. We decided to set off toward the wilderness on Saturday and get our hiking on. Here is what we saw at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument:
Awesome rock formations
Sweeeeeeet elevated tree roots
Tent rocks!
So you can see why they are called tent rocks. We hiked through a slot canyon around the rocks and had a beautiful view at the top of these unreal geologic miracles. From the top we could also see a beautiful turquoise lake (which we're pretty sure is called Cochiti Lake) and some tree-covered hills.

Our lunch spot! We were a little matchy that day...
The desert landscape is awesome. If anyone wants to check it out in person, come visit us!

Another awesome thing that we did on Saturday: we saw a free circus performance in the park! There's an organization here called Wise Fool that teaches theater and circus arts, and they just started performing a show called See Saw, complete with a custom-made 20-ish feet tall see saw. Bellinghamsters reading this blog know that the Bellingham Circus Guild is pretty great, so Eric and I have high standards in regards to community circus performances. This one blew us out of the park! (Get it, because we were in a park?) Actually, to continue with that pun, it was a really windy evening, and these performers were climbing around on this huge metal sculpture with ropes and fabric billowing out behind them. It was a good taste of the Santa Fe quirkiness that we are learning to know and love.

Our cat is still the best cat in the world.
One of the many hilarious poses he is capable of.
 Can you find the cat in this picture??? Look very closely... (By the way, this is our living room!The murphy bed is behind that red curtain, eagerly awaiting visitors...)

One day Assisi jumped into this nook all by himself, and we decided to make it more comfortable for him. He sleeps there all the time now, which is the cutest/coolest thing in the world. Plus, he gets to chill next to our favorite house decoration, the OC poster.

 Sleepy kitty. 
And just so you don't think that Assisi sleeps and flops around all day, here is one of him being playful and feisty:

And finally, THANK YOU to everyone who has sent us snail mail since we moved here! It is so nice to get postcards and notes from all our great friends and family and makes us feel right at home. Lots of gratitude to all!

Love, Marie and Eric

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