Saturday, August 10, 2013

My dog.

One of my high school role models and teachers, Mrs. Rossi, told me in high school that the best thing dogs teach people is the capacity for unconditional love. That's stuck with me over the years, because she is right.

I learned last night that Calvin, our family dog, was put down. He had a tumor and was bleeding internally. He lived a good life, and would've turned twelve soon. I remember taking him home from the puppy rescue, dirty, covered in bugs, and laying in my lap in the car in November of 2001.

He was definitely the best (early) Christmas present I could imagine, and he loved me despite my hair being dyed black and being an awkward pre-teen. My favorite memory of him was just once when he slept in my bed the whole night - he'd usually nap with you for a few minutes, then he'd go find one of his many beds to sleep on. That memory is followed closely by him tearing in to his battery-powered singing Frankenstein toy.

Calvin was an old soul. Affectionate, calm, and solitary. When I was in Colorado last, I got to walk him with my grandfather around Crown Hill Lake with their dog, Buddy. He was always there when I needed companionship and a friend to hug when that was all that could help. I'll miss you, old man.


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  1. I remember Calvin as a wiggly puppy too. I remember him as being incredibly sweet and always a tad greasy. Hehe. Love and hugs to you.