Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday! It's always much easier for me to go back to work for the week when I've had a super fun-packed weekend, because I feel satisfied that I got the most out of my days off. That was definitely the case today - Although it is nice to be home, drinking a glass of wine and looking over some wedding invitation samples that arrived in the mail this afternoon. Anyway, here's what we did this weekend!


These are some of the first pumpkins of the season, displayed beautifully at the food co-op. We stopped there Friday night to pick up some food to bring to a friend's house, where our friend Jon grilled up some hamburgers. Between this pumpkin sighting and the chilly weather, it definitely felt like autumn. The six of us made plans to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta the next morning.


We woke up before the sun on Saturday morning to drive to Albuquerque and arrived just as the first few balloons were setting off. I took the above picture right after we parked - it wasn't even 7 am and we had been awake for multiple hours. But it was worth it because soon the skies were filled with balloons:

Some of our favorites are pictured above, like the gargoyle and the Darth Vader head. Others included bumblebees, Elvis, Smokey the Bear, and a giant fire hydrant. But most of them were just normal balloon shapes with beautiful, colorful patterns. We got back to Santa Fe before noon, making it the longest Saturday morning that I have ever experienced. But it was definitely worth it.

In the evening, after some napping and relaxing, we went to the Railyard and saw a band from Scotland (Frightened Rabbit) play. They were a pretty fun live act, although we only made it through 6 or 7 songs before we needed to go home and sleep some more.


We went with our friends up to the ski basin and rode the ski lift up to the top. We had never been up there before and we were so glad that we got to see it in the fall - the aspens were beautiful and the view was all-around spectacular:

Not pictured: buying green chiles and goat cheese at the farmer's market, making a pork and green chile stew in the crockpot (thanks to Eric's grandma Bev for the inspiration!), and clocking some good Netflix time (Parks and Recreation and Freaks and Geeks!).

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