Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello Internet

So I brought back my facebook account after about a year of not having it. It was refreshing, and I'm glad I went without it for awhile!

It was such a negative part of my life... Being unemployed, sitting there refreshing the page, looking at everyone else's life successes, occasionally lashing out in political tiffs...

But I think I've figured it out. I really lost touch with so many friends and family without an online social media presence, and I've missed that dearly! So I think I am going to keep my ramblings to this blog. Facebook and stale political discussions don't mix. Facebook and cat photos do. Well, really anything and cat photos.

How many of you out there get completely bummed out or downright angry with current events? Shootings, political corruption, climate change deniers, on and on and on.... I'd imagine a lot of of you do. Something I have recently been contemplating to combat news-depression is the idea of actively promoting justice. It's a concept that I've tried to always live, but also that I never really fully absorbed until recently. I believe that for peace, justice, happiness, and other good things to persevere, you have to actively DO them. You have to want them, and act them out in your daily life. And, the most critical part, you have to encourage others to do the same! Promote peace. Don't be afraid to stir the pot, in the name of good things!

So that's my new life goal. Finding out an effective means of doing this, well, I'm working on it. And I hope all of you are too!

Now in the spirit of this post....

Don't be fooled - his breath is terrible!


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