Thursday, October 2, 2014


We did it - we got married! And we even get to share an anniversary with Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney.
We got to take a picture with some bighorn sheep on our mini-moon in Taos!
It's not really our style to share everything about it on the internet - as much as it was a super fun party, it was also a pretty intense, personal, emotional moment for Eric and me, so we want to keep some things off the internet, and some memories we'd love to share and relive in person. But we will share a few things here, and a few pictures when we get them from our wonderful photographer.

 I think it's safe to say that we pulled it off pretty well, not only on the day of, but in the days and months leading up to it. Planning a large event with many competing interests is totally not my specialty, but Eric and I managed to make many wedding tasks fun. We brainstormed ideas together during morning runs. We made lists and action plans over chips, salsa, and margaritas. We brewed beer together for the wedding. It was also ridiculously stressful and annoying at times, but we both agree that it was worth it.

What happened on the actual wedding day was WONDERFUL: friends and family coming together, celebrating our relationship with us, having fun, dancing for three hours, standing up to vow to support our marriage. We're so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and families in our life, and to have each other, and to have had the opportunity to celebrate that in a major way.

We both feel incredibly lucky that so many people traveled from near and far to be at our wedding. It was pretty amazing to glance out at our guests at the start of the ceremony and see the joy and excitement etched across their faces. The love and support we felt was palpable. We really can't say it enough: THANK YOU to everyone who came. It was wonderful to have a small part of the world converge in Santa Fe for a weekend to witness the start of our marriage.

Thank you to my new sister-in-law Linsday for decorating this sign with your awesome handwriting!
Since people have asked, and since we've gotten some mail that's been addressed incorrectly, it seems like I should mention that I'm not changing my name. Neither of us are, actually, although no one really asks about Eric's name. We both have our reasons, which we can gladly talk to you about if you're curious - but it's frustrating to feel like I'm the one that has to defend my choice to keep the name that has always been my name, so I don't think I'll go into that here. However, if you're interested in reading some feminist perspectives that closely resemble my own, here are some great articles:

What's In A Name?
Yes, I Kept My "Maiden" Name
The Problem With Changing Your Name for a Man
And, relevant: What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

One last thing I will say on the subject: Next time you know some folks getting married, consider asking both partners if they plan on keeping or changing their names. After all, they both have the option.

Cribbage on our mini-moon in Taos.
Also worth mentioning: in our first cribbage game as a married couple, I beat Eric in the sumphole. Definitely won't let him live that one down for awhile.

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