Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pictures of December

We're back! We've neglected our blog a little, and we feel bad about it. But after an energizing morning at the gym we are ready to blog again!

Even though we hardly blogged at all last month, we did a lot, which is probably why we didn't blog. December is always a great month for me because my birthday* (the best day of the year!) is in December, followed shortly by Christmas and New Year celebrations. This was also our first holiday season spent in Santa Fe! So without further ado, here is the photographic evidence.

Christmas lights in the plaza - looked WAY cooler in person.
Lights outside of the Capitol.
The capitol lined with farolitos (paper bag lanterns)
Snow walk!
"Chilly peppers"
Snowshoeing with friends on Birthday Weekend!
Birthday donuts on the morning of my birthday.
Eric & I at La Boca on my birthday!
We got matching headbands at a white elephant party.
Eric on Christmas morning with my present to him.
Our Christmas trees!
I dog-sat the cutest dog over the holidays and we took some great walks.
Happy 2014, everyone! More to come soon.

*In one of my Spanish classes in college, we were talking about holidays and each person had to say what their favorite holiday was and why. I said, "My birthday, because it's a day all about me!" and, to my surprise, everyone else laughed. I still think this is a perfectly acceptable answer.


  1. Are the peppers normal-sized on a doll house, or giant on a normal house?

    1. Normal peppers, normal house - you can only see the very top of the house in the picture, so it looks a little distorted.