Monday, October 10, 2016

"The system is rigged" is a lazy excuse.

The voters of the Democratic Party selected Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, not someone else.

The voters of the Republican Party selected Donald Trump to be the nominee, not someone else.

I sincerely believe that our democracy reflects our citizens and their priorities more than social media trends might imply. You don't like either of the candidates? Tough. You were *literally* outvoted. Time to make a compromise and face the fact that you can't have everything your way.

That's how our system works. The Constitution is literally one big compromise. Nobody got everything they wanted when it was ratified. This sentiment holds true today. Not everyone gets what they want all the time, because everyone wants different things.

The "system" can only shoulder so much of the responsibility. You can make an argument about gerrymandering or campaign finance, but when 28.5% of eligible voters participate in the primary, those arguments begin to lose credibility.

"The system is rigged" is a lazy excuse for not recognizing the necessity of compromise. Get off your high horse, and accept the divisive reality that is American politics. The system reflects the people who comprise it; both the voters and the elected officials.

I also sincerely believe that we'll move past this ugly time in our national conversation. The passion in this election reminds me that there are good people out there fighting to make this country and this planet a better place to live a life. That gives me hope.


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